18 USEFUL Digital Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

Md. Imran Hossain
Md. Imran Hossain Published on March 26, 2024

Growing a business online can seem hard. One key fact is that digital marketing tools make it easier. This article lists 18 useful tools divided into marketing, creating, and productivity categories to help your business grow.

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Key Takeaways

  • Digital marketing tools help businesses grow online. They cover a wide range, including content creation, keyword research, and productivity enhancements. Tools like Canva and Keyword Tool are crucial for creating appealing visuals and optimizing SEO efforts.
  • Title Generator creates countless headlines to catch attention. Keyword Tool explores what people search online. Mention monitors your brand across the web. These tools aid in crafting effective marketing strategies.
  • Productivity apps like Tascade manage tasks while Hotjar analyzes user behavior on websites. Using these tools streamlines work processes and improves website design based on real user interactions.


Marketing Tools

Discover essential tools to drive your digital marketing strategies, propelling your business ahead in the online realm. Uncover valuable insights on these indispensable resources for achieving optimal results.

Title Generator

Title Generator is a powerful tool in the world of digital marketing. It can create 700 headlines, titles, and content ideas with just one click. You simply input your keywords, and it gives you loads of content suggestions quickly.

This makes brainstorming for catchy headlines and effective SEO strategies a breeze. Plus, it's great for copywriting and advertising techniques.

Next up is the Keyword Tool, another essential asset for marketing success.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool helps you discover what people are searching for on platforms like Google and YouTube. For instance, typing “best yoga mats” can show suggestions such as “best yoga mats 2024,” which are great for crafting blog topics.

This tool provides key insights into search volume, trends, cost per click, and competition levels with an upgraded version.

It targets a variety of sites including YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, and Twitter. You can easily find niche or long-tail keywords from a main seed keyword. This SEO optimization tool is perfect for doing competitor analysis and understanding search engine optimization tools better.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere shines by giving you data Google doesn't. This tool shows monthly traffic for specific URLs right in your Google search results. You also get a handy sidebar filled with useful stats like search trends, SEO difficulty, and long-tail keywords.

It's made to help you understand keyword research and website traffic better.

This plugin also reveals off-page difficulty, related searches, and what people are looking for. With Keywords Everywhere, digging into SERP analysis becomes simpler. It gives a clear view of organic search performance and helps pinpoint the best keywords for boosting your site's visibility online.


Moving on from "Keywords Everywhere", it's crucial to ensure that your brand or business is always on top of its online reputation. One way to achieve this is through the use of - Mention, a tool designed for social media monitoring and online brand surveillance.

It provides alerts for web mentions across various platforms including press releases, review sites, forums, and blogs. The back end interface is user-friendly and resembles an email inbox, making the tracking process seamless.

For instance, you can set alerts for your channel's brand name or even track responses to your tweets with ease.

Creating Tools

Creating Tools are vital for designing eye-catching visuals and graphics that engage your audience, encouraging them to read more.


Canva is a popular graphic design tool known for its user-friendly interface and versatile templates. It offers an array of design elements and resources, making it ideal for creating visual content such as ebook covers, invitations, and infographics.

Businesses and individuals widely use Canva due to its ease of use and extensive functionality in graphic design. With numerous tutorials available, users can quickly grasp the platform's capabilities.

Moving on to the next section about "Inpaint".


Inpaint is a user-friendly photo editing tool that specializes in removing unwanted objects from images. This free tool does not require installation and allows users to simply drag and drop their photos into the editor for quick and easy edits using selection, erasing, and enhancement tools.

By utilizing features like the marker tool to highlight items for removal and clicking "erase," Inpaint efficiently enhances photos by seamlessly eliminating specific elements.

Inpaint is a graphic design tool tailored towards digital retouching, object removal, and image manipulation. With its selection, erasing, and enhancement capabilities, it provides a simple yet robust solution for users seeking more than just basic editing tools.

Flat Icon

Flat Icon is a website that offers high-quality vector icons for various uses like websites and YouTube thumbnails. Users can easily search for specific icons using keywords related to graphic design, web design, iconography, user interface, and more.

The site provides the option to download icons in different sizes. As a satisfied user, the author of the article has upgraded to a paid plan due to their positive experience with the service.


Transitioning from creating tools, Flat Icon offers a wide range of icons for various needs. In the same realm, Lordicon provides animated graphics that can be customized to match brand colors and stroke style.

With its extensive icon library, it's designed to enhance visual identity for digital marketing and web design.


Remove.bg is a specialized tool for removing backgrounds from images and photos. The process is quick, with results visible in seconds. It offers high-quality versions of images for a fee through subscription plans or pay-as-you-go options.

This tool is associated with creating digital marketing materials and can help businesses grow by improving the quality of their advertising visuals, enhancing their graphic design, and streamlining their image editing processes.


Transitioning from task organization to Tascade, a productivity app designed for managing projects, to-do lists, and workspace arrangements. Tascade facilitates efficient time management through task prioritization and collaboration tools.

It offers various project views: board view, kanban view, action view, mind map view, and organization chart view. Notably offering a primarily free version with an option for lifelong access using the coupon code "aurelius," waiving the standard $60 per year fee.

Productivity Tools

Boost your productivity with essential tools to streamline your marketing efforts and maximize efficiency. Explore the most effective resources for enhancing your digital marketing strategies.


Pickfu facilitates A/B testing to compare design options and gather user feedback. New sign-ups receive a $50 credit, offsetting the associated cost. This productivity tool helped Aurelius select the best design after voters provided constructive feedback.

Option B garnered more votes and valuable insight in a use case scenario.

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Donald Miller's "Building a Story Brand" is a valuable resource recommended for its framework on creating compelling landing pages. Clearbrand offers a free downloadable Story Brand Website Blueprint, providing a fill-in-the-blank template for easy creation of effective landing pages, bypassing the need to start from scratch.

This book delves into marketing messaging and branding strategy, equipping businesses with tools to effectively engage their target audience through visual storytelling. These aspects align with essential elements in content creation, copywriting, and website design.

Utilizing the principles outlined in "Building a Story Brand" can enhance customer engagement and boost conversion optimization. The blueprint provided by Clearbrand serves as a helpful guide for businesses seeking more than just basic strategies but aiming towards tailored and impactful brand messaging that resonates with their audience on an emotional level.

Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

Improve your headlines and SEO performance with the Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule. It provides a headline score, SEO score, and suggestions for enhancement. The tool recommends using power words, emotional words, and adjusting common and uncommon words while also offering details on word count, character count, and reading level for fine-tuning your headlines.

Boost your online visibility and copywriting skills effortlessly.

- Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller


Hostinger provides web hosting solutions with SSD storage, domain registration, and excellent customer service. Their affordable pricing starts at $2.40 per month for a 12-month plan, including hosting for up to 100 websites and a free domain on sign-up.

Use discount code "aurelius" for more savings, particularly on the 48-month plan. Aurelius highly recommends Hostinger for its speed, support, and affordability.

Furthermore, Hostinger's hosting plans offer fast website speed and quality services tailored towards enhancing your online presence and business growth.


Hotjar is a website tool that uses heat mapping to track user behavior and interactions such as clicking and hovering. It visualizes the user journey on the site, allowing for optimization of layout and call-to-action placement based on real data.

As a productivity tool for digital marketing, Hotjar helps in improving user experience, analyzing website interaction tracking, and enhancing conversion rate optimization.

Hotjar provides insight into user behavior through heat mapping, which allows for better understanding of how users interact with a website. This enables businesses to optimize their websites according to actual user engagement data, ultimately leading to more effective conversion rate optimization and improved call-to-action placement.


Cutl.me is a valuable productivity tool for shortening and branding long URLs. Users can easily cloak their destination URL with a chosen branded domain, adding a personalized touch to the link.

By entering a slash tag, users can further customize the link. Not only this, but Rebrandly also offers the option to generate and save QR codes for the shortened links, making it convenient for digital branding efforts.

This tool enables efficient link management by providing features such as URL shortening, link branding, and cloaking links under branded domains - essential aspects of modern digital marketing strategies.


ConvertKit is a recommended email marketing tool for building subscriber lists and creating engaging newsletters. It offers free sign-up for up to 1,000 subscribers, making it ideal for those looking to embark on email automation and lead generation.

Particularly noted for its ease of use, ConvertKit's landing page builder helps tailor content towards audience engagement and conversion optimization.

This productivity tool provides an effective solution towards growing your business through improved customer relationship management and ever-evolving audience interaction. Unlock the secrets of ConvertKit to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.


Kamua offers video resizing for social media platforms. It is useful for creating YouTube shorts, TikTok videos, and Instagram reels. The steps for using Kamua include selecting crop settings, enabling auto crop, setting a focal point, previewing, and downloading.

Video optimization tools like Kamua help in enhancing digital marketing strategies by adapting content to different social media platforms. Now let's explore the next tool on our list - Loom.


Loom is a productivity tool designed for video and screen recording, allowing users to add a face cam bubble. It also offers annotation capabilities during the recording process. With Loom, free sign-up is available, offering up to five minutes per video creation without charge.

This versatile tool serves as an effective solution for visual communication, online collaboration, and efficient presentation creation.


Discover 18 digital marketing tools to boost your business. Explore a range of top-notch tools for marketing, creating, and boosting productivity. From title generators to helpful productivity software, these tools have got you covered.

Start leveraging these tools today and propel your business into the online spotlight!